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Flowers for Mrs. Harris- A heart-warming display screen of love and friendship

As the audience settled into their seats for the opening night of Flowers for Mrs. Harris, the audience are welcomed by Albert Harris (Mark Meadows) and Ada Harris (Clare Burt) as she sets up a vase of flowers. This seemingly ordinary scene frames the clear message of the play that the easy concept that life without flowers is not any life at all.

Based upon Paul Gallico’s unique, Mrs. Arrris Goes to Paris, the musical follows the life of Mrs. Ada Harris; as she follows her imagine checking out Paris to buy her own Christian Dior dress.

Saving every penny from her job as a cleaner, the musical follows Ada as she scrapes together the enough funds making her dream a truth, with the support of her close friend and next door neighbor Violet Butterfield (Anna-Jane Casey). The musical has a warm sense of humor that is caught brilliantly by the duo of Burt and Casey, whose outstanding efficiencies, ultimately steal the program.


Hills & Dales to host flower program

In 1932, Ida Cason Callaway hosted more than 165 members of the Garden Club of America for a festive dinner commemorating the 100th anniversary of Ferrell Gardens, the lushly terraced, 5-acre garden at her Vernon Street home, Hills & Dales.

On Saturday and Sunday, June 4 and 5, Hills & Dales will again invite a large contingent of garden club members to mark another centennial the 100th anniversary of the Callaway household home itself. The Georgian-Italian rental property opened June 16, 1916 with a gala reception marking the 25th wedding event anniversary of Ida and Fuller Callaway and became the home of Alice and Fuller E. Callaway Jr. following his parent’s deaths. Check out this bulbsandbeyond.com for further details about bulbs for summer garden .

Paper flowers made to last

Spring and summer bring an abundance of fresh flowers, but blossoms crafted from paper can last all year long. Set up in a vase, tucked into a wreath or plopped atop a wedding gift, paper flowers are an inexpensive method to add a touch of color and beauty to home decoration or present wrapping.

I found tutorials online for a variety of paper flowers roses, daisies, tulips and more but picked peonies for their lush but relatively unfussy shape. I tested 3 techniques that utilize different types of paper: crepe paper, cardstock and coffee filters. All produced pretty results, but the cost and ease of execution differed a fair bit.